I learned to milk cows when I was 16 years old, first Friesians and then Jerseys. My love of cows led to a growing fascination for milk and what you can make from it. I am the dairymaid who now gets to make her own cheese.

Learning about cheesemaking started in 2005 when, with a business partner we created Tunworth, a soft cheese which was awarded The Supreme Champion at The British Cheese Awards, 2006.

Experience and knowledge gained by visiting cheesemakers throughout the UK and in Europe has given me an invaluable education in the design and making of St.Jude & St.Cera, while providing fun along the way.

The James Aldridge Trophy for the Best British Raw Milk Cheese was awarded to St.Jude in 2013 and St.Cera in 2016. I am delighted that both of these cheeses have been recognised for their quality and privileged to be the first cheesemaker to have held this prestigious award twice.

In 2018 Blake Bowden joined me at White Wood Dairy. Together we are expanding our range of cheeses, firstly including White Wood Curd, and Blake is now developing a semi-soft washed rind cheese. All our cheeses are carefully made from the raw cow’s milk  that we are so passionate about celebrating.